"Cambridge One is a platform to house all the ELT content produced by Cambridge University Press. Including a content and learning management system, teaching and learning materials, games, and collaborative activities."
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Workshop facilitator
  • Usability Testing
  • Sketch
  • Invision
  • Usabilily Hub
  • Google Analytics
  • Wireframes
  • High fidelity prototypes
  • Usability test insights
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • 1 year

What is Cambridge One

Cambridge One is a platform for Teachers and Learners of English as a Second Language (ESL) to access resources and activities published by Cambridge University Press.

It allows all the ESL content to be found in one easy to access place and provides data and feedback on progression for both Teachers and Learners alike

Parents and School Administrators can also use the integrated learning management system to monitor learners and give them the tools they need.

How do we approach design?

The team working on Cambridge One is located globally in 5 key locations across the globe so we are used to effective remote collaboration. Our projects are agile and often harness Scrum and Kanban.

When not collaborating in a cross-functional team, I sit within the Global Service Design Team, specialising in User Experience Design and Usabililty testing. The user is at the forefront of our decision-making. We always look for ways to improve their experience regarless of their location or age.

Being a educational tool our design priciples were based on simplicity, accessibility and responsivity within the constraints of a business that is new to digital.

Due to a non-disclosure agreement protecting this project, I am currently unable to be more specific about the work I conducted during my time at Cambridge University Press.

Some of my work included

Screen responsivity was of vital importance for the success of Cambridge One since the platform was to be used in a variety of screens sizes by users which age would range from kindergarden to adulthood, some of the projects I worked on included designing for educational technology displays (such as a interactive whiteboard)
A group picture of the team creating Cambridge One after a PI planning session

Program Increment Planning

Following SAFe methodologies our multicultural team would travel to Cambridge for a intensive week of project planning and other team building activities every quarter.

A teacher conducting an English Language class

Insights from direct observation

The team regularly travelled to conduct contextual inquiries into the use of the product such as the use of classroom presentation software on an interactive whiteboard.

Setting up the recording for the usability testing of a digital whiteboard project

Usability testing

Working on setting up Cambridge One's first periodic usability testing after leading the project to organise and execute this week-long intensive testing cycle, creating templates and processes to streamline the future usability studies.

main takeaways, Cambridge One

"The digital transformation of a long-standing company such as Cambridge University Press is not an easy task"

"Clear asynchronous communication is vital to the success of a multicultural team distributed across different timezones"